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I am living back at Astrid's flat! Only for a few days a week though, so that I can work from our office in Chiswick following my role change. The resulting logistics of commuting between Bath, London and Kent are challenging. I almost feel like I am a flight attendant again, living out of a suitcase and spending too little time at home.

The situation is not helped by losing my driving licence for two weeks! I got caught speeding at 103mph on the M4 in January, and the judge showed no mercy despite this being my first driving offence in 20 years. Luckily my job is flexible enough to allow me to work from home for one week, and the other I stay in Richmond and take the Underground to the office. It's not so bad at all.

Tom spends the weekend with me in Richmond and I show him around my old haunts and the numerous flats I occupied over recent years! He also meets Fiona for the first time - these are crucial moments in a relationship as the friends cast a critical eye over one's latest conquest, even more so as Tom is the one I intend to keep! Fiona really likes him and sees him for the warm, open and interesting man that he is.

Rachel visiting in Bath
... I am sure we didn't just have water!

At the Raincheck Bar

Tom's Harley getting ready to be shipped to the UK; soon I'll be a proper Harley chick!