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When did I have my last proper holiday? I think it was last year's trip to Vancouver with Rachel, more than 12 months ago!

Time to leave the country.

Tom and I take two weeks off and spend the first in Vancouver. Bit of a hike over as we end up flying - standby as usual - from London to Vancouver via Frankfurt and Calgary. But once we get there we have a fantastic time, not in the least thanks to stunning weather all week.

The program is pretty much the usual; spending a couple of days with Claudia, Lynn, Barbara & Les and all the kids and showing Tom around all my favourite places including Vancouver Island and Tofino where we do the floatplane trip and stay in a stunning room at The Inn at Tough City. Tom is the 3rd boyfriend I take to Vancouver and it is with him that I have the most wonderful and romantic time of all. But don't worry, I won't go into any drooly details!

We fly to New England for the second week. Via Chicago, bit touch and go but we get on in first class this time! We are not quite so lucky with the weather on the east coast; the remnants of hurricane Charlie bring a lot of rain followed by a couple of freaky thunderstorm days. Very unusual as Tom assures me, normally there is a lot of sunshine and blue skies and if our last day is anything to go by then I want to believe him as it is stunning. We stay in 4 different hotels as we travel through Connecticut, Western Massachusetts and New Hampshire. What a beautiful part of the world this is. Very green and luscious, I can definitely see myself living here!

And so the gipsy life continues ...

Back in England I conclude the month by moving from Bath to Ashford. I never expected to move away from Bath so soon again but then again, I never expected to meet the love of my life in the form of an American who lives in Kent.

Actually, I think this is my 7th move since 1996! And it won't be my last because plans to go to America with Tom are definitely shaping up.

I am shattered when I get to Ashford (and that includes 6 hours travelling on the M25!) but very happy to be living with Tom and starting our life together.

Flying via Greenland

View from Lynn's aunt Betty's balcony in downtown Vancouver, from where we watch the most amazing fireworks over English Bay

In front of Lynn's new appartment

Can't go to Tofino without a scenic flight courtesy of Tofino Air

Cardero's, one of my favourite restaurants in downtown Vancouver

An American BBQ at Bob's house in beautiful Avon, Connecticut