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More family visits, more milestones.

The 'Big' family comes over from the States: Tom's son Ross (10), brother Bob with wife Linda and daughter Nikki (also 10). They have a busy schedule visiting castles, London, Stonehenge, Bath and much more, pretty much covering England from west to east. I try to spend as much time with them as my work schedule allows and I enjoy their company and getting to know them.

Ross is a great kid and I can see a lot of his father in him, the same goes for Bob, he and Tom share the same genuine kindness and generosity, they are both 'gentle giants' indeed. I especially enjoy a day out with Nikki and Linda who spend a night at my place in Bath followed my a trip to Stonehenge which was great fun.

Ulla comes over for a visit too, kind of in between everyone else, so to have one last weekend in Bath before I move to Ashford into Tom's house in August.

She has a chance to meet Ross one evening but otherwise we stay in Bath doing the usual things such as shopping and sitting in cafes. She also helps me do a carboot sale early Sunday morning where I expose of a lot of clutter. I do this every time I move so I've been de-cluttering rather a lot over the last few years!

Ulla loves car boot sales!

Dinner with Tom's family and Mark
at Cafe Uno in Bath

Tom, Ross, Bob, Linda and Nikki

With Ross at Dover Castle

Rachel comes for one last visit to Bath before my move

... as does Tom!