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All play, no work - is that the tune of the month?

A little bit. I am making the most of a quiet-ish phase at work and get a lot done without feeling too stressed.

For those who follow the progress of this diary you will have noticed that things have gone quiet on the front. Needless to say, Fiona and I never quite made it to Internet millionnaire status and in December we decided to sell the business. After one potential buyer falls through we agree to cut our losses and give in to a much lower offer which does not recover our investments. But we have no regrets. Snogg was a fun business to run, we learnt a lot and most of all brought quite a few happy couples together, including at least one marriage and a baby!

In the meantime, Tom's best buddy Dave is visiting from the States and I roam English castles and ancient cities (Bath!) with the two Americans. Dave is a really nice guy, a former news camera man who is making the most of a heart condition that struck him when he was far too young.

Another relationship milestone is marked by a visit to Cologne where Tom meets my family and friends. Ulla, my mother, invites everyone around for one of her scrurmptuous brunches and in the evening there is a party at Claudi's so Tom is introduced to anyone who is someone in my German life. A great weekend.

At the Roman Bath

Pultney Bridge - one of only three in the world that was designed with shops

A visit to Leeds Castle in Kent,
only 15 minutes from Tom's house

With my two Americans ... Dave

... and Tom

Tom and my dad who has kind of shrunk! Which doesn't keep him off the motorbikes and he and Tom have a great time comparing pics and stories

Claudi's amazing grandmother at 81!